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Looking for a mentor in PR / Marketing / Accessibility Communication Communications: Advertising & Public Relations Online - Zoom SpeakerPost Member Help Sep 28, 2021 Jan 15, 2022
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Type of Engagement

  • 0-30 Minutes
  • SpeakerPost's Career Path Informationals Program
  • Mentorship
  • 1 Participant(s)

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About the Speaking Engagement (lecture goals/learning outcomes)

We are looking for a mentor who can guide a student in the areas of public relations, marketing and accessibility communications. The student is passionate about disability justice and has had several internships in marketing and PR.

Potential Topic(s)

Three questions to answer during your one-on-one conversation with the student:
1. What makes you stand out in the application process?
2. What do you need in order to succeed?
3. How does one build connections at their dream company before applying for a role?

Relevant documents (syllabus, lesson plans, schedule, event details)

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Other Details

SpeakerPost's Career Path Informationals (CPI) student program was created to match undergraduate and graduate students with a SpeakerPost member volunteer for a quick 30-60 minute 1:1 chat about specific career options and skills. Please apply to help. I