Speaker Opportunity

Diversity & Communication General Zoom Dr. Nagwan Zahry
Feb 18, 2024 Mar 24, 2024
To apply,or send us an email at

About the Speaking Engagement (lecture goals / learning outcomes)

The session is scheduled on 4/8 at 2.00 pm EST via Zoom. The guest speaker will prepare a short presentation about his/her work. S/he will answer students' questions about DEI.

Type of Engagement

  • 31-60 Minutes
  • Q & A session
  • 25 Participant(s)


Course Name

  • Media and Diversity

Potential Topic(s)

Diversity in the media, diversity in advertising, diversity in marketing, diversity in the newsroom, multiculturalism, etc...

Other Details

No details are available.

Relevant documents (syllabus, lesson plans, schedule, event details)

No details are available.


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