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The Stories We Tell

B2B Tech Marketing

Opportunities in B2B Technology Marketing


In conversation with: Mr. Kevin Beatty

Educator & B2B Marketing Executive at MDaemon Technologies

Medical Marketing

What is medical devices marketing?


In conversation with: Pete Alexander

Recovering Medical Sales Exec & Stress Management Specialist

Public Relations

What are the different opportunities in public relations?


In conversation with: Dr. Tuong-Minh (Clāra) Ly-Le

Lecturer & Managing Director at EloQ Communications, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Design Thinking

What is design thinking and why it matters today?


In conversation with: Niket Karajagi

Tech-Educator, Leadership Coach & CEO, Atyaasaa, Pune, India

Book Publishing

Struggles, successes and learnings in academic publishing


In conversation with: Dr. Aditi Paul, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor at Pace University, Communication Studies
New York City

Career Transitions

Transitioning from industry to academia


In conversation with: Dr. Rodney Ramcharan

Professor, USC Marshall School of Business , Los Angeles, CA, USA


What can you do with a degree in accounting?


In conversation with: Dr. Syed Zaidi

Associate Professor of Accounting at Louisiana State University
Shreveport, LA, USA


A career in finance and pursuing a MBA


In conversation with: Puneet Kapoor

VP and Trader, Capital Group
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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