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Dr. John Russell Arnold

Industry Professional

DETROIT, Michigan, United States

Journalism: Print, Radio, TV, Digital, Government regulations, Media Effects,

15+ Years of Experience

Doctoral or professional degree, Rackham Sch of Grad Studies & College of Fine & Preforming Arts,
Univ of Mich & Wayne State Univ

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  • Radio Broadcasting & Programming
  • Media Images & Effects
  • Digital Journalism & Effects

About Me

Keywords: Diversity, Parity in Employment, Media Images & Effects, Regulations.

(August 2021). In 2010, Dr. John R. Arnold was named Division Chair of Liberal Studies & Education as well as Associate Professor of Mass Communication at Lane College, one of 105 Historical Black Colleges and Universities in the USA. In his position as professor, Dr. Arnold was responsible for teaching undergraduate students media literacy and other courses in communication.
Dr. Arnold’s particular specialties are broadcast journalism, new media, and public policy.

Prior to this appointment, Dr. Arnold taught Communication courses at Wayne State University in Detroit. In 2006 Dr. Arnold joined the faculty of Howard University as Assistant Professor of Broadcast Journalism and Graduate Faculty of Mass Communications and Media Studies.
Prior to joining academia, Dr. Arnold worked with several of America’s African-American legacy radio stations, including the first black-programmed radio station WERD; the first black-owned radio station WCHB; Howard University’s WHUR-HD.2; and Radio One’s flagship station WOL in Washington, DC. Dr. Arnold also hosted on Power XM 169.

Arnold is most well known for hosting his own syndicated daily radio program, highlighting discussions of current events and topical news issues affecting the urban communities.

Arnold’s research interest focuses on public policy, including the role of federal regulators in formulating and influencing federal administrative and regulatory law. Arnold’s 2008 Television Quarterly article, “The Biggest and Most Controversial Reality Show on Television” was honored by his peers.
Dr. John Arnold’s dissertation is titled, The telecommunications act of 1996 & diversity: The effects on television broadcasting in the public interest. Portions of this dissertation are published in the Journal of Mass Communication.

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Awards and Accomplishments

2010- present: Peer-reviewer (18) for the Journal of Black Studies (A Sage organization). 40 studies
reviewed. 18 received recognition on Publons

2009: National Communications Association paper reviewer for Mass Communication Division for NCA
2009 Conference.

2009: Association for Education and Journalism and Mass Communication paper reviewer for
conference in August 2009.

2008 Society of Professional Journalist, Mark of Excellence Award, honoring the best in students journalism (radio), Region I, awarded at their national conference in Atlanta, in June 2008.

2007-2009 AEJMC: Communications Committee officer for the Commission on the Status of Minorities.

2005-06, 2007-08: Co-chair Comm. Division of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters

Mar 2006: Paid peer-reviewer of textbook: Alten, S.R. (2005). Audio in Media, 6th ed. Belmont, CA:

Katz, H. (January 2004). Paid peer-reviewer for the American Communication Journal of The Media
Handbook: A Complete Guide to Advertising Media Selection, Planning, Research, and Buying
(2nd Ed.). USA: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Arnold, J. (October 31, 2007). Federal Communication Commission Hearings on Deregulation and
Consolidation at the FCC Headquarters in Washington, DC.

Arnold, J. (January 2006). Paper: Diversity in newspaper newsrooms. Atlanta, GA: Southern
Science Association Conference.

Arnold, J. (December 4-6, 2005). Paper accepted for the International Conference on Social Science
Research, Orlando, FL.

Arnold, J. (October 27-30, 2005). 9th Annual Joint Fellows Conference, DFI-KCP Programs
Hosted by Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. Paper: Images Depicted in Media.

Arnold, J. (October 20 & 21, 2005). 37th Annual Michigan Political Science Association Conference,
University of Michigan-Dearborn, MI. Paper presentation: In the Public Interest: Local Broadcast
Media Obligation to Service Community Interest.

Arnold, J. (May 13-15, 2005). The telecommunications act of 1996: Ten years later. Paper/Panelist/
Discussant at the Media Reform/Free Press Conference: St Louis, MO.

Arnold, J. (April 7, 2005). Broadcast media: Citizens or Consumers. Paper accepted for presentation
at the Midwest Political Science Association Conference, Chicago, IL.

Arnold, J. (March 4, 2005). Diversity in broadcast ownership. Paper presented at the Michigan
Academy of Arts, Science, and Letters Conference at Eastern Michigan University: Ypsilanti, MI.

Arnold, J. (November 4, 2004). Diversity in employment in broadcasting. Paper accepted for presentation
at the 8th Annual Joint Conference for the Illinois Minority Graduate Incentive Program, Illinois Consortium for Educational Opportunity Program and the King-Chavez-Parks Future Faculty Fellows Program.

Arnold, J. (April 2004). Diversity in newspaper newsrooms. Paper presentation at the Midwest Political
Science Association Conference: Chicago, Illinois.

Arnold, J. (November 2003). Paper presentation: Diversity in newspaper newsrooms. Michigan State
University’s Breslin Center: King-Paper-Chavez 7thAnnual Joint Fellows Conference: Transitions
in the Academy: Lansing, Michigan.

Arnold, J., Conyers, J, & Copps, M. (May 2003: Moderator of Congressman John Conyers Congressional
District Hearing on the Telecommunications Act of 1996 featuring FCC Commission Michael
Coops, re: further proposed deregulation effects on localism. Held at Wayne State University Law
Auditorium: Detroit.

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