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Ms. Katrin J. Yuan

Industry Professional

Swiss Life Group / Technical University Cologne / Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences Switzerland

Zürich, Zürich, Schweiz

Business: Consulting

10-15 Years of Experience

University of St. Gallen, University of Neuchâtel

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Speaks about

  • IT
  • Data
  • Diversity
  • Tech
  • Marketing
  • Sustainability
  • Real Estate
  • Investment
  • Finance
  • Financial Independence

About Me

Katrin has tackled complex business transformations for some of the world's most prestigious brands. Covering the complete blend of strategic, creative, and technical capabilities to drive the next wave of digital challenges, she puts the customer first. As an expert for digital transformation and state-of-the-art technologies, she believes in combining knowledge, capabilities, and mindset to deliver exceptional solutions.

Available For

  • Conferences / panels
  • Guest judging
  • In-class lectures
  • Keynotes
  • Media interviews
  • Mentorship
  • Workshops

Online Presence

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Speaker's Experience

Leadership / AI / Customer Service / Sustainability / Innovation

Richmondsevents - 05/2022

Bad Ragaz, CH, Switzerland

Academic OR Industry Research Collaboration Interests


Awards and Accomplishments

Vodafone Innovation Award

Alumni Associations

Mensa Mind Academy
DSA Talent Academy

Language(s) of Delivery

English / German / French / Mandarin

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Books and Publications

Book / Publication title: F10 Magazine

Year : 2022

Primary Skills

LeadershipStrategyBusiness DevelopmentMentoringLecturing

Badges Received

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