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Kevin Beatty

Industry Professional

MDaemon Technologies

Dallas, TX, United States

Business: Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communication and International Marketing

15+ Years of Experience

Masters degree, Reed College of Media,
West Virginia University

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Speaks about

  • Product Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • MarTech
  • International Marketing
  • Customer Experience (CX)

About Me

I am a versatile and creative marketing executive with over 20 years of B2B experience in international marketing, sales, channel management, and business development primarily in the IT industry.

As a first generation college graduate, I like to share my diverse experiences working in Fortune 500 and small business environments with students to provide perspective and help build confident, empathetic, and competent professionals.

Available For

  • Conferences / panels
  • Guest judging
  • In-class lectures
  • Keynotes
  • Media interviews
  • Mentorship
  • Online engagements
  • Q&A sessions
  • Workshops

Online Presence

Speaker's Experience

Trusting Email in a Time of Rising Cyber-Security Attacks

Achab Email Day - 10/2018

Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Graduate Student Mentor

West Virginia University - 02/2021


Academic OR Industry Research Collaboration Interests

Marketing and Organizational Psychology.

Awards and Accomplishments

International communications; marketing's role in customer experience (CX); dynamics between working in large vs small business environments; challenges small businesses face with large industry competitors; Entry level career advice and career transition of veterans into the private sector.

Alumni Associations

Portland State University

Language(s) of Delivery

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Books and Publications

Coming soon...

Primary Skills

cross-cultural communicationPublic SpeakingmentorAdjunct Instructor

Badges Received

"Kevin presented in four of my classes; he was very friendly, and warm, easy to understand and follow. Overall an excellent presenter!"

By Vania On Nov 04, 2021

"Kevin was a speaker at my Business to Business class. His presentation was about the relationship between supply chain and marketing. My students enjoyed his presentation very much. It was like chatting with an old friend sharing his great professional experience."

By Marta On Jan 07, 2022

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