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Dr. Komal Kapoor

Higher Ed Professor


Manhattan Beach, California, United States

K-12 & Higher Ed Management, Networking

15+ Years of Experience

Doctoral or professional degree, College of Fine, Performing & Communication Arts,
Wayne State University

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Speaks about

  • Communication
  • South Asian Identity
  • Global marketing
  • Community-building

About Me

As the Founder / CEO of SpeakerPost, I spend most days building this wonderful community of generous and brilliant individuals inclined to give back to academia.

Real change is hard, and we are mere facilitators. As volunteers, we support and share our career journeys with students, with the hope that it helps them create their own paths. Through our stories and our voice, we seek to empower them, albeit in our own little way. This is SpeakerPost's mission and a goal that reflects my life's priorities.

Thanks for joining this community. Please feel free to reach out to other members via our internal messaging system. Share resources on the news feed. Post opportunities and/or apply to help. Sign up to create 'knowledge' videos to share with members and with students. (Find the sign up under Blog)

Do what makes you happy, and what works with your schedule. I would love to get to know you, so reach out!

Available For

  • Conferences / panels
  • Guest judging
  • In-class lectures
  • Media interviews
  • Mentorship
  • Online engagements
  • Q&A sessions
  • Workshops

Online Presence

Speaker's Experience

No Experience Available.

Academic OR Industry Research Collaboration Interests

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Awards and Accomplishments

Board Member since 2021 and Vice President (2022-23), Wayne State University Alumni Association
Board Member, South Bay Indian American Association (2021-2023)
Advisory Board Member, The Merge Project
Happiness Blogger at Green Sea Shells

Alumni Associations

St. Xavier's College, Mumbai
Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai

Language(s) of Delivery

English, Spanish and Hindi

No documents have been uploaded.

Books and Publications

Primary Skills


Badges Received

"Great Teacher!"

By Toral On Sep 29, 2020

"Great work"

By Ruksana On Oct 01, 2020

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