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Ms. Marie Roker-Jones

Entrepreneur, Industry Professional

Curious Culture LLC

New York, NY, United States

Business: Entrepreneurship, Strategic Partnership, DEIBA, Startups, Go-to-Market, Introverted Leadership

15+ Years of Experience

Bachelors degree
Fordham University

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Speaks about

  • diversity and inclusion
  • Veterans
  • career development
  • tech startup

About Me

I am an entrepreneur, advisor, and community builder passionate about driving social change through technology, DEIBA, and innovation. As a military spouse, an advocate for DEI, an editor, and a founder, my background informs my commitment to social impact. My primary goal is to facilitate a connection between people, capital, and ideas in any possible way that could help shape a positive future in technology.

As a co-founder of OweYaa and Essteem/Equalithons, I became a pro at developing strategies for growth, raising capital, and scaling operations. In my leadership at OweYaa, I raised over $2M from angel investors to grow our valuation to $3.2M in less than two years. At Essteem, I put together partnerships with industry majors like Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Centre and Code for America to put our heads around real-world social problems. I built a network of 25K+ startup professionals growing at 10% monthly through targeted outreach and inclusive events. This network has facilitated partnerships with top-tier companies like Clorox, Wells Fargo, and Venmo, and accelerators such as NYU Veterans Future Lab and LVMH's La Maison des Startups.

Besides leading efforts to drive the creation of startups, I've also spearheaded attempts to bring about societal change. For instance, as founding director of Compassionate NYC, I organize workshops and discussions devised to tackle implicit biases and systemic barriers.

I'm now the CEO of Curious Culture, where I help founders step into becoming more inclusive innovators with better market positioning, improved fundraising, and impact assessment. I have also founded Curious Introverts to develop resources and training for introverted professionals so they can enhance their leadership abilities.

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  • Conferences / panels
  • Media interviews
  • Online engagements
  • Q&A sessions
  • Workshops

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Women Who Code

Virtual - 2/21

United States

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professional developmentprofessional networkingDEI marketingBusiness developmentsocial impactcontent creationideation

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