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Dr. Shashidhar Nanjundaiah

Higher Ed Professor

Mahindra University

Hyderabad, N/A, India

Media & Speech Communication, Media studies, Journalism

15+ Years of Experience

Doctoral or professional degree, College and Arts and Media (formerly College of Mass Communication and Media Arts),
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

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Speaks about

  • Media literacy
  • Media aesthetics
  • Critical-cultural theory
  • Case study method
  • Donald Trump and media
  • Indian media
  • Inclusive pedagogy
  • News writing
  • News analysis
  • Communication competency
  • Storytelling

About Me

If I had to "sell" my best strength to you, it would be the combination of backgrounds. My exposure to higher education, technology and media industries and experience leading various organizations and/or initiatives provides me a natural instinct to be adaptable, innovative, and a boundaryless learner. However, it might be more important to attend to issues of tomorrow and what methodologies need to be unpacked to understand and address. Alas, if you are seeking "technological p
With diminishing trust in our institutions, ethics and humanity are quickly becoming a concern in our industries. Within the education paradigm, it is important for educators to recognize both needs and trends. Today, it might be technology. However, we want tomorrow's graduates and employees to be ethically sound, not merely technically skilled. In recognition of that need-of-the-hour, I have framed ethical competency as one of three, the others being more familiar--professional and conceptual. Hence, my approach to journalism and media studies has a special humanities emphasis, investing in the understanding of historicization and learning processes, for example.
So if you want me to speak on a subject, it might be worthwhile to keep in mind the idea that I speak in order to address a larger societal need even while speaking about a subject that might be more focused, taking your audience from the specific to the general. As an educator, I am particularly keen to speak in your classes, but I am available to speak on public platforms.

Available For

  • Conferences / panels
  • Guest judging
  • In-class lectures
  • Keynotes
  • Media interviews
  • Mentorship
  • Online engagements
  • Q&A sessions
  • Workshops

Online Presence

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Speaker's Experience

No Experience Available.

Academic OR Industry Research Collaboration Interests

Seeking institutional collaborations in use cases to adapt AI ethically; AI, AR, XR labs; news labs.
Seeking media literacy network collaborations, both in pedagogy and global capacity-building endeavors.

Awards and Accomplishments

Multiple awards at international and US conferences for best paper
US award for best magazine issue
Invited on several platforms in India and the US to speak independently and as panelist--recently on Poynter Institute's United Facts of America
Member on board of International Council for Media Literacy (renamed from the National Telemedia Council, the earliest media literacy program in the US)
Advisor to multiple for-profit and non-profit entities

Alumni Associations

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Language(s) of Delivery


No videos are available.

Books and Publications

Coming soon...

Primary Skills

Higher education administrationJournalismTrainingPublic speaking

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