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Venkata Bhonagiri

Industry Professional


Chicago, Illinois, United States

Business: Marketing, Media, Advertising, Data and Business Strategy, Audience Sciences, Analytics

10-15 Years of Experience

Masters degree
University of Texas

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Speaks about

  • Media Advertising
  • Data and Business Strategy
  • Audience Sciences
  • Analytics

About Me

Venkata Bhonagiri is currently serving as Sr. Partner, Group Director, leading the data strategy practice at Mindshare in Chicago, a global media agency network with over $35 Billion in total billings. He has over 13+ years of experience in media, business strategy, insights, and analytics. He developed, integrated, and scaled core service offerings, including business strategy, and sources of growth within Mindshare. In his current role, he spearheaded multi-channel data-driven planning, marketing, and implementation of bespoke global media solutions for major brands such as General Mills, Kimberly Clark, Dyson, Abbott, and Discover across verticals including CPG, b2c & b2b Tech, FinServ, Travel, and Insurance sectors. He led the full funnel audience strategy for several Mindshare’s business pitches, resulting in winning their media businesses. He contributed to award-winning work at Cannes Lions. He is also a Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) lifetime honoree, which is the highest standard of academic excellence recognized by BGS, the international business honor society honoring the top of top-performing students from around the world in business schools.

Available For

  • Guest judging
  • In-class lectures
  • Keynotes
  • Media interviews
  • Mentorship
  • Online engagements
  • Q&A sessions
  • Workshops

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Princeton University - 11/2022


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Beta Gamma Sigma

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Books and Publications

Book / Publication title: Strategies to Make Your Agency Data-Driven

Year : 2022

Book / Publication title: Why is Everyone Talking about Zero-party Data?

Year : 2023

Book / Publication title: 5 Mistakes Advertisers Should Avoid in a Slow Economy

Year : 2023

Book / Publication title: Major Trends in Advertising for Small Businesses

Year : 2023

Primary Skills

ConsultingAnalyticsModelingMeasurementBusiness StrategyData StrategyAudience Strategy

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