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Vidar Saether

Industry Professional

Dell Technologies

Austin, TX, United States

Business: Data Analytics & Statistics

15+ Years of Experience

MBA, The Anderson School,

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Speaks about

  • Business performance analytics
  • Business performance measurement

About Me

Vidar Saether is a Performance Analytics and Insights Leader at Dell Technologies, where he has spent the last 16+ years in various Finance, Sales Strategy & Planning, and Analytics roles. Prior to Dell he spent 9 years in the financial services industry where he held various FP&A roles at Capital One in Virginia and Robert Fleming & Co (later acquired by JP Morgan Chase) in London and Luxembourg. In between these jobs he acquired an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA, having completed his undergraduate degree at Vrije Universiteit in Brussels a few years earlier. He currently works on developing actionable insights and telling stories through data, and distilling complex business metrics into the critical few.

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  • Online engagements
  • Q&A sessions

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